c o de s lu rry
John Thomas. Reformed Engineer, Sonoma County, CA
40+ years of hardware and software engineering and assorted geekdom. Gardening, Painting, Photography, Microscopy, and creator of blinky things.
A Color Based Search Engine
MySQL database with a few hundred thousand image URLs from the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons (YFCC) dataset.
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A clustering and similarity extraction algorithm. Annotations show base pairing and organism descriptions. The Dot plot compares the S18 ribosomal RNA gene from Thalassiosira, a diatom, to Stenocarpella, a plant pathogenic fungus.
Cognative Induced Imagery
Replacing sub-sampled regions within an image with small color images correlating to the average color. Dog and Owl.
A Gardener's Microscopy
From soil and seeds. The plants I grow and the view up close. My attempt at a long English border in the style of Great Dixter.