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Images of Spring

Buckeye (aesculus) just emerging. Sonoma county native.

Koelreuteria paniculata (golden rain tree). Seed pods holding over winter

deciduous magnolia. Ancient plant, flowers before leafing and is pollinated by beatles -- not bees.

black walnut. Nice bark, hardy in Zone 9

betula, birch. Serrated pinnately venated


amplitudo domus, grand house at the ranch

amanita silvicola, 12 inch diameter mushroom growing in pine compost. Do not eat! Amanita interferes with RNA Polymerase II, stopping all cell functions in animals. Amanita has a modified Polymerase which confers immunity.

Arbutus is related to Manzanita, similar flowers and bark -- confirmed by ribosomal comparative genomics.

Magnolia, named after Pierre Magnol by Charles Plumier and popularized by botanist William Sherard.

This magnolia seams to have the same curves repeated in the branches, flowers, trunk, stems, and anthers. Fractal like.

Paulownia is a hardwood, dries without a kiln producing nice furniture and surfboard wood. Jimmy Carter owns a Paulownia plantation.

Sonoma buckeye


colangia (sp)

peach tree blooming

Sequoiadendron giganteum ( aka Sequoia gigantea ). Once thought to be the largest living organism, it was trumped by a 2,300 acre ( 4 sq. mile) mushroom found in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Sequoiadendrons need wildfires to clear competing plants and to regenerate from seed.





golden retreiver (Jake)

gold fish

prunus bark

prunus, flowering cherry

rebar hose bib, art and function?

iris on the banks, started as a single corm

syringia vulgaris (common lilac)

juglans nigra (black walnut)

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